Kudzu Could Curb Appetite for Alcohol

Posted June 6, 2006

Southerners think of it as a noxious weed run rampant; the Chinese have venerated the herb for centuries for brewing tea to treat hangovers, headaches and allergies. Soon alcoholics may consider kudzu root a natural way to curb their desire to imbibe.

During a small-scale study, 14 self-described heavy drinkers visited a special lab outfitted like an apartment with a recliner, satellite TV and a fridge full of beer. During the initial 90-minute session, the men and women drank at their own pace. Then they took kudzu pills or a placebo for a week before repeating their drinking session back in the lab.

The kudzu poppers downed an average of 1.8 beers on their return compared to their original 3.5 beers—and they took smaller sips. The placebo takers drank the same quantities as before. None of the subjects experienced side effects from kudzu.

The researchers theorize that kudzu’s isoflavones help the drinker feel alcohol’s effect sooner rather than later.

One comment on “Kudzu Could Curb Appetite for Alcohol

  1. Barbara Saddington

    Where is this sold? When would it be taken? And the amount one would need to take.

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