Stephanie’s Weight Loss – Week 5


I’ve just finished my first week of Triple Action Acai…and it’s going great! The triple action means it burns fat, gives energy and is a cleanse.  If you are taking Triple Action Acai, how is it working for you?
Also, Dr Jan suggested that I start the (twice per day) Blast B-12 and Stressed Out combination (from Vita Logic)…WOW, you talk about a great blast of energy AND, I can tell a difference when I’m working out! I can tell that it’s really burning my fat more, making me ‘sweat it out’ twice as much!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

I also thought I’d share a real filling yummy soup recipe…I found it in the Flavor without Fat cookbook, from Dr. Jan.

Soup Liberatore…(Very easy to make and named after Duke):

20 oz Italian Plum tomatoes
1 cup Bloody Mary Mix (I used spicy)
1 cup beef stock
1 Tbsp lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
5 cloves garlic
1/2 cup White onion (chopped)
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp tabasco sauce (Okay–so I added more…love spicy!)
1/2 tsp crushed basil
3 cups kidney beans
1 cup green pepper, chopped
2 cups elbow macaroni, cooked

1. In a small pot, combine the first 9 ingredients…heat to just boiling. Then reduce heat and simmer 25 minutes.
2. Stir in beans and green pepper, and simmer 10 minutes.
3. Add macaroni and heat though.

Yummy and filling! I added a little extra macaroni and 2 cups of fresh spinach. Here’s a picture:

AND…The Zumba Dance workout tapes are so much fun! The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got a Zumba class!  It really moves your legs, hips, abs and arms…Fun workout! 

I will be seeing Dr. Jan again in about two weeks for my monthly weigh in.  I lost 17 pounds my first month.  How much weight do you think I will lose the second month? Please enter your answer on the Health Poll that appears on the right side of the Duke and The Doctor website home page.  Look for it about midway down the page.
I will leave you with one of my favorite Dr Jan sayings:
“I’m looking forward to seeing less of you.” So hopefully, you all will be seeing less of me!
Till next time…

5 comments on “Stephanie’s Weight Loss – Week 5

  1. As a bariatric doctor and as a former “fattie”, I realize the “math game”. When someone loses a certain # of pounds the first month, they start estimating the day they will hit their goal. The reality is that is very dangerous thinking.
    To start with, the scale reading, our weight in pounds is a composite number of fat, fluid, muscle and bone. Fat weighs the LEAST!! The true goal is to lose FAT not just weight. You are welcome to register to be a member in my E news group on weight loss at I’ll send you weight loss info on a regular basis to help you on the road to better health.
    The best method of determing weight loss progress is percentage body fat analysis which is time consuming and requires special equipment. I have this machine in my office but the overwhelming majority of my patients refuse to use it and prefer the fast, easy, traditional scale. For more info on how I help my patients in private practice, visit
    The second and truly most accurate yardstick to measure weight loss is our clothes. I have one straight skirt that fits me perfectly. I bought it after I lost my weight after years of roller coaster dieting. I try it on every Monday and be sure it fits the same. Is this compulsive? What do you think?
    Also remember, when someone loses fat but gains muscle because of exercise, they may gain pounds but lose inches and their clothes fit better. I believe it doesn’t matter what the scale indicates ( no one really sees it but me) but everyone can see how my clothes fit!! For over 100 weight loss tips, visit
    Please help motivate Stephanie as she continues on her weight loss journey. Your comments regardless of length are truly important to her continued success. What experience have you had with wanting or succeeding to lose weight?
    Lastly, our question that begs your answer right now is—–Stephanie lost 17 pounds her first 4 weeks , what will she lose in the next 4 weeks? Go to the Health Poll at and join in; don’t get left “more behind”!!!

  2. Stephanie Porter

    That’s so funny Dr. McBarron…
    I have a pair of dress pants (that I bought this past Christmas). Of course I didn’t try them on at the store…so when I got home, I realized that I couldn’t even button them!
    Well, I tried those suckers on Friday, February 12th…and could button them!
    Now, every Friday, I don’t just try them on…I wear them to work! Last Friday, I actually had to wear a belt to keep them up!
    Those pants are MY straight skirt!

  3. Stephanie,

    I am very proud of what you have accomplished and want to encourage you to continue. Dr. Jan McBarron is so right when I first started working out I did lose weight and you feel good and you want to continue to lose weight then I began to tone and build muscle and gained some back. It does confuse your mind but I have to remember how my clothes fit and how I feel.

    One thing that keeps me going is Positive thinking and that is with everything I do. I found that the power of the mind and positive thinking can help you do anything. Research shows that positive and confident people are more successfull and are happier in everything they do. Waking up everyday with a positive attitude can be hard at times we have many obstcales work, kids, husband, ex, or boyfriend but a positive attitude helps.

    Another helpful tip would be I have a workout partner we encourage and push each other.
    She is also the one I call when I don’t want to go but she encourages me and I feel so much better after my work out. We sometimes have other friends that workout with us we work hard and have fun too.

    Keep up the good work I look forward to watching your progress.

    Youthfully yours,

    Patti Collier

  4. Stephanie

    Great advice…Thank you!

  5. Cathy

    I ordered the Triple Action Acai. Can you tell me if you take the two capsules together at the same time each day, or do you take them at two different times ie. morning and afternoon? Thanks for your inspiration. Keep up the good work.

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