Steroids – Useless and Harmful When Treating Colds

by Jan McBarron M.D.,N.D. (Health Headline News)

There has been a “bit of a push” to use steroids to treat sore throats based on the drug’s ability to suppress inflammation. Steroids, given by mouth or injection, are powerful drugs with both short and long term side effects. Typically, when patients are present in their doctor’s office with a sore throat, they are often given antibiotics if infection is present, but certainly steroids when inflammation is present. According to the recent study published in the Academic Emergency Medicine journal, steroids increase disputed pain relief on average by about 45 minutes. Since steroids are so harmful and have so many serious side effects, the use of them for treating sore throats is now being questioned. Whether steroids are given in pill form or by injection, the use of steroids should not be routine for patients with sore .

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4 comments on “Steroids – Useless and Harmful When Treating Colds

  1. Bryan

    I think I would rather have a sore throat for a couple of days than to tax my already weakened immune system. Have we become so soft that we cannot deal with a sore throat? This treatment plan was followed by my grandmothers physician. She wasn’t complaining about her throat a great deal but she got a steroid injection none the less. Are doctors afraid that if they tell us to just deal with something for a day or two that we will just go somewhere else? Telling me to deal with something is a perfectly sound treatment plan, but who am I?

  2. it makes sense to go natural whenever possible.

  3. Siri Fluck

    I have a family member, age 56, recently diagnosed with idiopathic gastroparesis (not the diabetic kind, the kind in which the muscles are not co-ordinating correctly). What suppplements/ strategies would you consider helpful?

  4. Sonya Mathis

    I am a veteran with a strange rash or bumps appearing all over my body. They are itchy and knd of sting. At the V.A. i was prescribed the same exact box of steroids. I have not taken them ye because i was afraid. They have not figured out what it is exactly and my dermatology appointmnet is one month away. I was prescribed an antibiotic first but it did nt work. I really don’t have the money ro go to another doctor. Does anyone have suggestions. I was told it can be anything from ringworm from my grankkids rabbit, to some type of eczema, I am considering a wholistic doctor if I can find a good one, that’s not real expensive.
    thenks for suggestions sonya

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