Spring Cleansing: Complete from Plants

Spring Cleansing: Complete from Plants

Spring time naturally promotes cleansing by not only increasing energy flow, movement and mood but also stimulating release of stored debris, toxins or fat. Coming out of the slower winter months into more sunlight and activity inspires outgoing Yang energy (releasing, rising, energizing, promoting, flowing…) as also seen in nature with plants & other animals. This makes Spring time one of the most popular and appreciated seasons in the year.

There are many respected herbs known to also promote a cleansing effect or detoxification. One of the most popular includes fiber rich plants that promote a healthy colon as well as cardiovascular benefits. Psyllium and Flax seeds are popular and also contain helpful mucilage to lubricate and restore the digestive lining. Some individuals are sluggish with compromised bowel transit (elimination) and benefit from botanical laxatives such as Senna or Cascara. These stimulating herbs have a rich history of effectiveness and used only for short term, such as during cleanse.

The organ most appreciated for its role in Cleansing, the Liver, has hundreds of daily jobs and detoxification is vital, but may become jammed up being overworked or exposed to many toxins. The Liver’s most popular companion herb, Milk Thistle, is an effective antioxidant and famous worldwide for complimenting repair of the hepatic system. There are also other ‘bitter’ plants that stimulate healthy digestion & elimination while further supporting the Liver & Gall bladder. Most notably is Dandelion. Considered a noxious weed by lawn enthusiasts, other clinicians, herbalists and consumers value its mineral rich benefits and noted root tonic properties for digestion and cleansing. Even Dandelion’s leaves are prized as one of mother nature’s most valuable diuretic sources.

Other body systems are dependent and involved in tissue & cellular cleansing. The blood, lymphatic and renal systems are also all involved to compliment healthy tissue states and cellular repair. A whole body cleanse will be complimented with a plant based diet, plenty of water, daily exercise and botanicals to support cleansing pathways, such as Flax, Cascara, Milk Thistle and Dandelions. As these plants grow and bloom in these warmer months, also enjoy them as part of your day to a healthier, ‘cleaner’ you!

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