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Jan McBarron, M.D., N.D. is a native of Philadelphia. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, cum laude. While continuing to work as a nurse, she decided to become a physician. She returned to school to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in biology, again cum laude, which gained her admission into medical school. Dr. McBarron has a full time medical practice in Georgia specializing in Bariatrics and Preventive Medicine. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, Duke Liberatore, owner of Peachtree Natural Foods. It was voted the best natural food store in the country in 1993 and has grown to seven locations in the southeast. Together they form a dynamic team hosting their own prime time TV and radio show on health and preventive medicine called Duke and the Doctor. It is the #1 rated health talk show in the nation and is heard daily in over 125 markets.Please note that under Dr. McBarron’s Recommendations, the bold recommendations are most important. However, for additional benefit take all.

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  1. I have recently begun listening to your radio show and love it! I am personally concerned about doctors who think prescription drugs, with all their side effects, are the answer to all health issues. I am a 70 year old white female with borderline osteoporosis and degenerative disks with arthritic changes in neck, back and hips. Also, have been taking Synthroid 75mcg for 20 years. Most recently, I have been advised to begin Reclast; this is after being on Fosamax 11 years with a two year break (a break suggested by me because of esophageal and gastric irritation resulting in GERD). A repeat bone density revealed a further deterioration in T-scores. Based on what I hear you say on the air, it would be appropriate for me to be on Daily Extra and Osteo Protect Plus but note that Daily Extra has 10,000 units of Vitamin A that am told should be limited as Vitamin A tends to weaken bones. Currently, I am taking Centrum Silver and Citracal (1200mg with D3) daily. If you chose not to advise me on these matters I would understand but can you please tell me if there are doctors in the Cleveland, Ohio area with a N.D. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  2. admin

    Go to http://www.acam.org website, in the middle of the page you will see “search for a physician”, enter the zip code for Cleveland and you will get a list of all ND’s in your area.

  3. Shar'Ron Josey

    Dear Doctors,
    I have been having a skin problem for over a year. Going back and forth to the dermotolgist has not help at all. I just deceided to stop going a month ago leaving me with a medical bill that I cannot afford to pay, because I’m unemployed. The doctors have perscribed various sternoid creams and I am still breaking out with bumps that started on my legs and thigh. Now the bumps has started to attacked both arms, I’m filled with fear that my face will be next and that scares me to death. The bumps ich like crazy, the scars stay on forever. I have never had a skin problem in my life. Now that I’m 64 everything is going crazy. I took a bath before bed only to notice that I have a blister on my left leg. I put very little fluocinoide on it and within thirty minutes the blister is very large.Sometimes the blisters are small sometime large. I have an appointment for a colon cleanse in the morning hoping that it may help. Looking up skin problems on the web, I think I may have paracites or scabies or both in which four doctors has not mentioned. With your expertise is there any information you can suggest to help me with this problem. This is a list of creams the doctors have perscribed for me that I still have on hand. Fluocinonide 5%/Permethrin 5%/Lotrisone/Betamethasone Dipropionate5% none, of these items has worked. I take MSM for my joints daily along with Glucosamine&Chondroitin, also a daily organic multi vitamin with herb & minerals. I thank you both in advance and I’m forever grateful. Shar’Ron

  4. Susan Belanger

    I have Lupus and have been recently diagnosed with Sjogrens. My eyes and mouth are excessively dry and I use Biotene rinse and spray for my mouth, but it appears there is a rash on the palate toward the back of my mouth. This is insanely itchy at times. My eyes are also extremely itchy even with using eye gtts for Sjogrens. It cleared up briefly but has returned with a vengence. I get some relief from using the neti pot and Reactine(Cetirizine Hydochloride) but it also can dry my mucous membranes. I am on a host of meds but no real changes except for Ezetrol for cholestoral. My other meds are: Diovan HCT, Atenolol, Synthroid, Losec, Clonazepam, Elavil, and ECSA 81 mg. I take daily supplements of Fish Oil, C,E,D3,Calcium with Magnesium. My allergies are: Penicillan, Morphine (I get C deficile with many antibiotics) Reactions are rash.

  5. Donna

    If you will go to our website and click on the banner for Dr. McBarron’s Natural Remedies, she has recommendations and info regarding Lupus and Sjogrens.

  6. Hello Duke & Dr. 2/16/2012

    We just found out that my mom has had an irregular EKG since 2007. Recently her new physician request for her to see a cardiology for this. When we made an appointment with the cardiologist they indicated that she had been there before back 2007.

    She is not feeling good. Her blood presure is all over the board. It goes up and down this has happen this week. She feels tired not eating well and she could not sleep last night. Also lately she has been experiencing vertigo.

    What do you recommend for the blood pres. Her heart and for her vertigo.

    Maggie Gonzalez worried daughter.

  7. Donna

    Here are Dr. McBarron’s recommendations for vertigo:Vertigo means dizziness. It is most commonly associated with allergies and sinus problems, ear infection, vitamin deficiency or rarely due to tumor. The cause should be treated. If undetermined however, supplements will help in addition to eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed refined foods. (See Allergies, Meniere’s and Tinnitus)

    Dr. Recommendation: Vita Logic Master Vite, Vita Logic Fish Oil, Vita Logic Blast B-12.
    All of her recommendations are listed on our website, just click on the banner on the right side of the page “Dr. McBarron’s Natural Remedies” and it will take you to an alphabetical listing of diseases and supplement recommendations.

  8. Jan Lim

    My Mom was diagnosed with ESRD (May) last year. She has an AV shunt, but refused dialysis. She is being followed by a nutritionist mostly eating grains(brown rice), vegetables, fruits, no salt, no fat ( food is steamed, boiled or grilled). She is on Vit.C, B12, antioxidants, and Kidney Formula on liquid form. I’m very worried because she lost so much weight. She used to be about 110-120 lbs.(5 feet tall), now she is 71 lbs. She looks malnourished. I would appreciate your recommendations, and can I buy the above supplements from you/recommended store? Thanks!

  9. Mary Eha

    I am 78 yrs young. My T4 reading is 4.1, My TSH is 33, has gone up to
    126 earlier. What nutrient would help me? I cannot take Armour, it doesn’t
    agree with me. Synthroid put me in the hospital because it kicked up the
    Chrohn’s disease.
    Any help would be appreciated. I have just started to take Iodine/Iodide.

  10. Donna

    Vita Logic Thyroid Formula

  11. Bonnie Slater

    Hi Dr. My name is Bonnie and my husbands name is Mike and he has Hepititus C . The med are to expensive to treat him so we have been doing the natural meds. We have tried Danilion Root and Silver Biotics, Milk Thistle and Reshi Mushroom. the only ones he is taking now are the milk thistle and reshi mushroon. When he was taking the Dandalion root and the Silver Biotics and Milk Thistle together ,he was on it for awhile and then had a blood test done and he still had the Hpeititus C. We stopped the Dandalion root nd the silver biotics and is now only taking the milk thistle and the reshi Mushroom. What can he do to get rid of this problem. We just can’t afford the shots and such, and I also heard they are not good for you Thanks Bonnie please help

  12. Donna

    Please call the show with your questions so that everyone can benefit from the answer you are given. Here are the current recommendations that we have for Hepatitis:
    Dr. McBarron’s Recommendation: Vita Logic Liver Formula, Vita Logic Anti-Inflammatory Formula, Vita Logic Daily Extra, Vita Logic Parasite Formula


  13. Christine Vitello

    My husband has extremely high triglycerides, high ldl cholesterol, and low hdl. He is 43 and knows he needs to lose weight and exercise. He also has been told his liver is a little fatty. We would like to know what you recommend for supplements. The doctor wants him to go on prescription drugs. We would like to use natural supplememts. He has been using men’s heart health packets from GNC for 3 months and his levels are still the same. Both parents have high cholesterol and are on meds but still have high cholesterol. I have been listening to your show for years and value your advice. Thank you for your time.

  14. Maria

    Hello Dr. McBarron. I have a question or two for you. First, the other day while I was undressing I felt my breast and found a lump right above the nipple on my left breast. I think it was Friday. Now I have been examining my breast a lot lately, so was caught off guard when I found a “2″ inch lump there. I became frightened and sort of panicked. I won’t go for a mammogram because of the extra radiation it would admit into me. So I am going to have my breast image done by thermography. But in the meantime, I would like to take some Vitamin D-3 and Curamed. Now I was t old to watch what kind of D to take. The one I have is from Wal-mart. The main ingredient is: d3 cholecalciterol. Other ingredients are: soybean oil, gelatin& glycerin, then corn oil. I have been taking that for over year.
    Now. Am I taking the wrong kind of D3?

  15. Gail McCormick

    I have been taking the women’s balance pack for many years. I am finally through with menapause and wondered if I should still take the pack or adjust to some of the vitamins. I also take Daily Extra every day. Thank you.

  16. Donna

    You can continue with the Women’s Balance Pack, it contains all of the supplements that a woman needs to keep her “balanced”, continue with your Daily Extra too!

  17. Donna

    D3 Cholicalciferol is considered the natural Vitamin D. Dr. McBarron recommends Vita Logic D-3, please consider trying it the next time you purchase.

  18. Donna

    Dr. McBarron recommends Vita Logic Blood Pressure Formula, Cholesterol Formula and Liver Formula. Please remember you need to take supplements for several months and stay consistent to see results. Dr. McBarron also recommends CoQ10 for heart health.

  19. Wade

    I would like to know what you recommend for a strained muscle?

  20. Donna


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