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Joseph “Duke” Liberatore was born in Pennsylvania and began an interest in preventive health at the early age of 20. After losing both of his parents to heart disease in the same year (they were each only 52 years of age), Duke was determined to minimize his risk of this hereditary disease. After educating himself on the prevention of heart disease, Duke realized that there were measures that could be taken to help prevent other health conditions from occurring. It was then that he started to make a career out of healthy living. He attended Georgia State University, where he received his B.B.A. Magna Cum laude. A degree was not all that Duke Liberatore received from Georgia State. He was also presented with the LeCraw’s most distinguished undergraduate award for highest grade point average, the Dean’s Scholarship Key and was an Honor’s Day award recipient. Duke was also a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, The Alpha Iota Delta Honor Society and the Golden Key National Honor Society.

He is married to medical physician and best selling author, Jan McBarron, M.D. Together, they host their own radio and television health program, which began in 1993. For the first four years of his wife’s practice, he helped to run her business – acting as accountant, bookkeeper, etc. After getting his wife settled in a thriving medical practice, he then decided to start his own business. In 1990 he opened his first Peachtree Natural Foods. Duke now has twelve locations and a solid business plan calling for many more. Peachtree Natural Foods was voted “The Best New Natural Food Store in the Country” by Health Foods Business Magazine. He has worked hard to become the best and believes that good health is essential. He stays active — he jogs five miles every day, plays tennis, is a scuba diving instructor, has run nine marathons (two of which were ultra-marathons), and is also a recreational pilot.

It is one of Duke’s goals to educate others on how to achieve good health and on the effects of vitamins and herbs in preventing disease. He has lectured in medical and dental offices in an effort to educate staff on some of the things that they can do to protect themselves against disease. In addition, he makes sure that the staff members at all of his stores are continually trained on different and new natural products in the store. He assures the staff at Peachtree Natural Foods are not simply selling products, but empowering consumers with the knowledge to achieve good health.

Duke has co-hosted the “Duke & The Doctor” program for so long, and is knowledgeable enough with the doctor’s recommendations, that many loyal listeners call him “Dr. Duke.”

3 comments on “About Duke

  1. Carol Long

    What do you think of the overgrowth of Candida in the gut as the cause of many digestive and other symptoms? Do you treat it at all, and if so, do you have many patients with this problem? Carol

  2. Donna

    Dr. McBarron recommends that you try a probiotic like Natren.

  3. Donna

    Dr. McBarron recommends that you try a probiotic like Natren’s Healthy Trinity for this problem.

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